An overview of MOI Innovation & Foresight Summit

His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan launched the ‘UAE Strategy for the Future’ in September 2016. This key initiative compliments UAE’s National Innovation Strategy that aims to place the UAE among the most innovative nationals in the world.

MOI Innovation & Foresight Summit will look at how government entities can harness innovation to secure the future prosperity of the UAE. Adopting innovation and fully utilising the latest technology, the Summit will look into how government can take advantage of digital innovation, as well as secure and enhance border ports.

Digital Innovation Forum

As part of the UAE 10x initiative, the Ministry of Interior has a major focus at how digital innovation can help government entities innovate and also help increase the security and safety of the UAE. The UAE’s smart initiatives, aim to propel the nation amongst the technology leaders globally and help ensure future prosperity and happiness for all its citizens.

The event will be attended by the key government stakeholders, consultants and technology providers that are working on innovative initiatives such as smart cities, autonomous transport and mobility, artificial intelligence and others, and would provide a forum for them to meet and discuss their initiatives.

The Summit will showcase how digital disruption can be turned into an opportunity:

  • Innovation has been identified as one of the leading factors that will ensure prosperity for the United Arab Emirates for future generations
  • The Future Foresight initiative mandates government entities to identify, anticipate and prepare for future threats
  • Leading technology providers will showcase their advances in artificial intelligence, robotics, advanced analytics, and other areas of future technology
  • Security experts will review the latest technology in intelligence, predictive crime analytics and ICT security to ensure future threats are well managed and do not disrupt the safety and security of the Emirate.
  • Transport leaders will examine the latest trends and innovations in transport technology and how it can be used to solve the future transport challenges of the UAE and GCC
  • The latest border security and controls technologies and innovations will showcase how to ensure greater security at ports and airports while supporting business growth and easing the movement of good and people across borders.

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