An overview of MOI Innovation & Foresight Summit

Emerging Technologies like Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and Virtual and Augmented Reality are revolutionizing the way we live our lives. However, these cutting-edge advancements are creating phenomenal opportunities for development and growth, and unique challenges and risks in equal measure.
Looking at the Safety and Security Forces in particular, Emerging Technologies have the power to bring about futuristic possibilities and opportunities to revolutionize the sector:
  • AI can make it possible to predict high-risk criminal or safety concerns in real-time
  • Big Data Analytics can enable the Civil Defense Forces to optimize response time and enhance scenario-specific assessments
  • VR/AR can be used to train Safety and Security forces for high-risk scenarios
  • 5G allows for pioneering real-time Command and Control Centre of the future
  • UAS, Drones and UGVs can drastically improve service time for traffic assessments
  • Advanced Robotics can reduce risk to human-life in dangerous safety and security scenarios

At the same time however, revolutionary change comes at a price; increased reliance on technologies and data-driven networks can create new risks and vulnerabilities:


  • In an age of constant advancement, it is extremely challenging to find future-proof technologies and solutions that will not be obsolete in 5 years
  • As we move towards Smart Cities and Intelligent Systems, the vulnerability of Cypher-Physical Systems and IoT devices become a more obvious risk factor
  • With more and more data being stored on public and private networks, the security of cloud and private networks becomes increasingly paramount
  • A constant stream of new software and hardware innovating the sector make interoperability a more direct and obvious obstacle to advancement
  • Drones and UAS in the private sector create unique challenges for monitoring and control, especially in restricted and high-value airspace


The 3rd MOI Innovation and Police Technology Summit, taking place under the patronage of the UAE Ministry of Interior is taking place on 4 - 5 February 2020 in Abu Dhabi to discuss the most innovative and disruptive technologies for the Safety and Security Forces in the country. The key governmental decision-makers from across the Safety, Security, Transportation, Customs and Cyber Security sectors will meet to showcase their visions for the future and learn about the latest advancements in technology and the most cutting-edge innovations in their respective field.




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