About MOI Innovation and Police Technology Summit

With the world becoming increasingly digitalised with many new disruptive ideas and technologies, it is imperative for governments of today to develop strategies to help them not only understand them and the threats they pose. But to anticipate solutions that will ensure these threats are accurately predictable, secured against, and the opportunities are taken advantage of. 

The MOI Innovation and Police Technology Summit will therefore be providing a platform for UAE government entities such as the Ministry of Interior, Law Enforcement agencies, National Security agencies, Regulatory bodies, Police Forces, Military and Defense, Customs and Port Authorities, Research Institutes, regional and international experts to deliberate on how innovation can be effectively channeled in the digital era towards solving future challenges.

Top reason to attend

  • Understand how digital innovation can be harnessed by government entities to help them prepare for the future
  • Review how the Ministry of Interior and their key government partners can use innovation to help secure the future prosperity of the UAE
  • Understand how innovation is managed from the highest levels to the front lines
  • Examine the latest disruptive technologies and how they can help transform the way future challenges are dealt with
  • Examine how ideas can be harnessed into the solutions of today’s and tomorrow’s problems
  • Find out how to enable cross-stakeholder innovation to more effectively prepare for future threats
  • Look into the key trends and innovations that are changing airports, ports and land border ports
  • Examine the key factors for success in securing the UAE’s borders for the future whilst balancing the business needs for growth

Who will you meet

Government Organizations Government Departments Senior Decision Makers
Regional Ministries of Interior
Regional Police Authorities
Future Foresight & Innovation Offices
General Directorate for Central Operations
General Directorate for Security Affairs & Ports
General Directorate for Finance & Services
National & International Crime Agency
Law enforcement regulators
PM Office
Federal Customs Authority
Federal Authority for Land & Maritime Transport (NTA)
Abu Dhabi Customs Administration
Dubai Customs & Ports Authority
Abu Dhabi Ports Authority
General Civil Aviation Authority
National Crisis and Emergency Management Authority (NCEMA)
Dubai Civil Defense
General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs-Dubai
Roads and Transport Authority (RTA)
Dubai Airports
Abu Dhabi Airports Company (ADAC)
Abu Dhabi Ports
Critical Infrastructure & Coastal Protection Authority (CICPA)
Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA)
General Directorate of Abu Dhabi Police (ADP)
Dubai Police
Strategic Management & Performance Improvement Department
Security Information Department
Decision-Making Support Center
Workshops & Transport Department
Operations Department
IT & Communications Department
Drivers & Vehicles Licensing Department
Directorate of Traffic and Patrols
Public Safety & Emergency Department
Crisis & Disaster Management Department
Crime Investigation Department CID
Ports & Airports Security Police Department
Special Tasks Department
Security Search & Rescue Department K9
Security Inspection Department
Weapons & Explosives Department
Director Generals
Police Chiefs
Police Department Directors
Director of IT – Police
Strategy Heads & Directors
Head of Information Security
National Security Advisors
Technical Experts
Head of Crime Scene
Information Security Analysts
Cyber Security Analyst
Scene of Crime Officers
Evidence Collection Teams
Vehicle Fleet Managers
Traffic Accident Investigators
Managing Partner, Defense
Data protection advisors
Social media analysts
Communications Networks Operations Expert


Call for papers are now open!

If you have an exciting project, case-study, solution or service to share, or want to suggest a topic that should be addressed at the Conference, please email us on opportunities@acm-events.com

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